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Volunteer with us!

All volunteers receive a Year of the Rat cotton t-shirt, dim sum, bubble tea, local goodies,
All volunteer spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Please email Emily, with any questions



Runners will have the opportunity to register on Saturday 7 AM - 7:45 AM. Interested participants will have to fill out an application and liability waiver, and pay the registration fee. After runners are registered, volunteers will then give them their participant packet (bibs, bracelet) and any other race information needed prior to the race start.

This team will become a food service volunteer once the race begins.

Packet Pick-Up:

This tent is where runners will "pick-up" their packets if they do not do so on Friday. This team will check in pre-registered participants and help pass out the participant packets(bibs, bracelets), and any other race information prior to the race start.

This team will become a food service volunteer once the race begins.


Once runners pick up their packets, they will be directed to the t-shirt table to get their race shirts. This team will ask the registrant for their "t-shirt tag" (attached to the race bib) before giving the runner their shirt.

This team will become a food service volunteer once the race begins.

Gear Check:

Registrants that wish to leave personal belongings before the race, can do so at gear check. Each runner has a gear check tag on their race bib that will correspond to a ticket number, keeping all checked items organized in numerical order by bib number.

Course Marshals:

Course marshals play an integral role in making sure the 5K runs smoothly. Course marshals will direct runners along the course, making sure they do not make any wrong turns (or run off the path!). In addition, course marshals serve as the "eyes" on the course and can alert race officials of any accidents. Lastly, course marshals cheer on runners as they make their way along the course!

Start Line:

This team will help organize runners as they line up before the run. They will remind runners to line up according to their pace. For example, registrants that will finish in 20 minutes will be first, those who are choosing to walk will be towards the end of the line.

Finish Line:

Finish line volunteers help keep order around the finish area line and direct registrants towards CMAA where they can pick up their boxes of dim sum, water, goodie bag, etc.

Food Service:

This team will be passing out boxes of dim sum, bubble tea, water bottles, and goodie bags. Every race bib has a tag for dim sum and will be given in exchange for a box of dim sum.

Volunteers working the registration, packet pick-up, and t-shirt tent will transition to foodservice volunteers once the race begins.

Water Station

On the race route, this team will be responsible for pouring water into cups as runners zoom by and hydrate.

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